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Brookston Tack & Feed is proud to be the only Tribute and Kalmbach dealer serving Tippecanoe and White counties! Tribute is the equine nutrition branch of Kalmbach Feeds. As the director of Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center and co-owner of Shepard Stable, keeping Therapeion's horses, our boarders horses, and our personal horses healthy and at a good weight is a very important part of my job.  

Shepard Stable has geriatric horses that we were had found impossible to bring up to a healthy weight since they had arrived on our farm.  Two were Quarter Horse mares over 20 that had been abandoned by a boarder and had come in deathly thin.  Despite vet care, constant fussing over their condition, and giving all of the most popular feeds a fair trial to help them put on weight we were feeding enormous amounts of feed without success. 

Until both our hoof care specialist and one of our boarders (a woman with a degree in equine studies) recommended we look into Tribute feeds we had never heard of them. After speaking with the Tribute representative and researching their products and reputation we decided to become a dealer.  Tribute specializes in low starch, no sugar formula feeds that provide full coverage for amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and pro-biotics.   

We are delighted with the results and our horses have never been healthier!  Kalmbach Feeds is a family owned business located in Upper Sandusky, OH. They ship directly to their dealers so you can be sure the feed is fresh. They guarantee their feed. If you have questions  there is a FEED FINDER chart on their web site with a link on this page to help you select the best feed(s) for your horse(s). 

Kalmbach also offers a full line of pet and stock feeds, including show feeds, Joy dog food, other dog and cat foods, goat and rabbit feeds, and much more. We can order any feed on the Tribute and Kalmbach web sites, including raw products, such as steamed crimped oats.

Please contact Brookston Tack & Feed by e-mail or phone with questions.

Libby Marks-Shepard
Co-Owner, Shepard Stable

We can order any feed on the Tribute website.  If you order #120 bags (3 tons) your feed can be delivered to your farm!  Mix and match your order- it doesn't matter what you order as long as it totals to 120 bags or more and can include pet food. We can also order raw products, such as oats & flax seed, forage, alfalfa cubes and pellets, and beet pulp.
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