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Phoebe Wear Art Jewelry
Each piece of Phoebe Wear jewelry is a hand crafted, one of a kind, item. ​ Natural stones, glass beads, coral, turquoise, shells, antique pendants, and many more carefully selected items are used in the design of each piece.  Visit us to see our equestrian items along with pieces for non equestrians.  Many more pieces are currently available.  Special orders are welcome.

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Have you been wanting to try beading but don't know how to start?

Would you like to make a necklace but don't want to spend a bunch of bucks purchasing everything you will need?

Do you want to learn to bead with friends and with the help of an instructor?

The cost for a two hour class is $25 and includes everything except your center pendant or charm.  I supply tools, the wire, the rest of your beads, and more in order to save you $$.

Contact Phoebe Wear to learn more or to enroll.